Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is the art of creating raised and ornamental designs on fabric. This art was a very common hobby in Daliborka’s native land of Yugoslavia, and it’s one that she has kept close to my heart in all the years she’s lived in the US, while she was raising her children, and now she wants to share this art with you. It can be accomplished using threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver or other material and a needle. This embroidery can be something as mundane and simple as your business logo or initials, or as complex as a piece of fine artwork. The different items that we can embellish using embroidery are hats, clothing, towels, kitchen towels, and even bags.

Embroidery for your logo ab $20 – one time setup.

Choose Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery creates a unique appearance and a level of depth that is virtually impossible to recreate with printing. It creates a luxurious product with a higher level of quality and durability than simple printing methods can accomplish. When you want to make a solid impression of quality, dependability and reliability, custom embroidery on your cloth item is the best approach to take.

Printing & Embroidery For Your Project

With Daliborka’s extensive embroidery background, she is able to help you discover the right solution for your project, providing you with a high-quality product that will look wonderful for many years to come. Because of her background, she is able to customize your solution more precisely than other embroidery companies in the area, working with you to develop a perfect look for your branding and customization needs. If you need help with figuring out whether custom embroidery is the right approach for your project, we’ll help. Contact us today to get started.

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