DS Printing & Embroidery’s

DS Printing & Embroidery’s owner, Daliborka Simic, is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep-rooted love for the art of embroidery. Based in Grand Island, New York, Daliborka has honed her embroidery skills over nearly two decades, transforming them into a true art form. Now, with an extensive background in the industry, she is ready to share her exceptional products with customers throughout the United States.

Focus and Vision

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Daliborka has established her base of operations in Grand Island, New York, strategically positioning herself to cater to customers nationwide. With a focus on providing the highest quality products, she is dedicated to turning her lifelong passion into a thriving business.

Harnessing her expertise and commitment to perfection, Daliborka creates unique and exquisite embroidered products that showcase her artistic talent. Her passion and dedication shine through in every item she produces.

Art of Embroidery

Embrace the art of embroidery and discover the exceptional products crafted by Daliborka Simic at DS Printing & Embroidery. With a vision for quality and an entrepreneurial drive, she is committed to delivering the finest embroidered products to customers across the United States.

Beyond her existing embroidery services, she has taken the time to expand her operation to include a range of different promotional products as well as adding a sublimation ink printing process, which sinks deeper into the surface of the material being printed for long-lasting, quality results. 

Quality products

These techniques allow her to design a wide range of personalized products for your family, school, business or organization that will provide long-lasting, beautiful enjoyment for many years to come. Her dedication to providing her customers with high-quality personalized products that bring out the beauty of her homeland’s hobby is reflected in every piece she creates.

Active in the local community and her church, St. Stephens Serbian Orthodox, she spends her time developing new options for her customers, keeping her home and family moving and pursuing her passion for superior-quality embroidery. Contact her today to discuss your next project’s needs.